Blank notepadWriters are by nature creative people, and it’s important when you’re writing fresh and engaging copy to make it come alive, to have original ideas, or new angles to focus on.

But there are also times when, despite your best efforts creativity leaves you standing alone and grasping at clichéd straws.

How do you overcome this?

Well, I’ve a few tips.

1. Leave the screen.

Sometimes we just need half an hour of down time. Go and make a cup of tea or breathe some fresh air outside. Staring at a blank screen for hours is not conducive to great copy.

2. See what others are doing.

Be clear – this does not mean steal someone else’s words. It is a good idea, however, to see how others are doing things. It may just spark some new ideas of your own.

3. Brainstorm.

If you’re writing about a particularly dry topic, then think outside the box and literally write down a load of words on a piece of paper in as abstract a way as you like. By going through this process you may come up with some great ideas.

4. Re-visit the brand.

You may have just got a little lost with what you’re trying to write about. Research the brand, re-visit websites and products and re-engage with what you’re trying to write about. You need first hand experience if you are going to get a message across.

5. Talk about it.

Often verbalising what’s in your head makes it a whole lot clearer. When you’ve had a little chat about what you’re trying to achieve the words will appear a lot quicker on the page.

6. Don’t panic.

The inspiration will return, but if you’re really struggling, it’s probably time to have lunch.

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