How Can We help?

Brand Development

By creating brand guidelines, getting you in front of the right people and establishing your audience, we can widen your reach and get you noticed where it matters. With a solid back story, we’ll help you better engage with valued customers as well as gain potential new clients

Content Creation

Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, an annual report, a captivating awards application, or an entire website, creating engaging content is key. You might know exactly what you want to say, but don’t have the words to say it. We can help by creating dazzling copy for you. Social media posts, interpretation schemes, corporate reports, features, and blogs, Briggs Communications will write copy to get you noticed.

Digital Communications

Do you tweet? Got a Facebook page? Engage on LinkedIn? Do you snap on Instagram? If the answer’s yes, we can help to manage your social media. If the answer is no; we can help you build an online presence. There are so many ways to communicate on a digital level – we can walk you through what works best for your business.

Media Relations

We write the stories that the press wants to hear about. It’s not just about writing news releases, but about engaging with editors, journalists and influencers and giving them stories that make them excited. It’s about knowing who to target and when. We’ve got great relationships with key press peeps and we can work together to get your story told through a whole range of channels – TV, radio, online and in print.

To discuss your project give us a call on 07791 440 937 or write us a message below


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