Make your copywriting stand out. Five tips for great copy.

Make your copywriting stand out. Five tips for great copy.

You want to leave a good impression of your business, so you need to engage with your audience and give out the right signals through what you write. Here are five tips for great copy.

Keep it relevant

Clean, concise copy is key. Drone on too long and you’ll lose your audience. Make it punchy, witty, and interesting and you’ll hold people’s interest. If you go off tangent then your message is getting lost.

Think about your voice

Consider the audience you’re writing for.¬†Whether you’re targeting fellow professionals, consumers, or a social media audience, then your tone should reflect this. A young twitter audience won’t expect to read what you’d write for a more corporate audience.

Think of a catchy headline

Reeling people in with a great hook is key. Think about a punchy opener, or a great headline to catch people’s attention.

Include quotes for added interest

You might have some great news to tell the world, but what makes it stand out is someone else’s perspective. Include a quote from a customer that makes your business¬†all the more credible, while also adding colour to your copy.

Check, check, and check again

Don’t fall foul of spelling errors. Check your work, then get someone else to check it, and then check it again. We’re only human and errors occur, but try to minimise them by checking.

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