Are you overwhelmed by social media?

Are you overwhelmed by social media?

It seems that just as you get to grips with one social media platform, another is waiting just around the corner to suck you in. And boy, is it time consuming!

You might be the casual Facebook updater, or you might be an avid Tweeter, but when it comes to business, is there a right and wrong platform to use? There’s simply so much digital content out there, and so many different ways in which to use it, that it pays to be a little bit picky.

It’s important to post content regularly, be that daily, weekly, or monthly, on two, or maybe three platforms that suit your business best.

Videos, product reviews, infographics, podcasts, blog posts, and so on and so forth (here’s a better list), can be pretty overwhelming, so give yourself breathing space and make sure your followers know roughly when you’ll be posting, to help increase engagement, and make sure you set aside a few hours each day to dedicate yourself to social media interaction.

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