This is me, Laura, founder/director of Briggs Communications. You’ll notice this is a posed shot for the purpose of this website (I hate having my picture taken!)

I prefer to put other people in the spotlight, which is how my story began.

I cut my teeth in journalism before anyone had even heard of social media. It was on the ground, face-to-face interviewing, reporting at the scene and chasing stories, quite literally, in my 1.1 Ford Fiesta.

I was lucky enough to head up a crack team of newshounds who worked tirelessly on a well-respected and loved group of newspapers in the South-West, before setting up on my own to sell in my features to the nationals, magazines and regional publications.

Along the way I met plenty of people with brands who needed a bit of a hand telling their own stories, through a whole host of mediums.

From this, Briggs Communications developed into a PR and Communications service working with SMEs, global brands, and individuals who need help with their messaging, press, copywriting and brand profiling.

But that’s enough about me and us. Now let’s talk about you!

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